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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  July 18, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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to you by dodge. >>put your heart and soul into it, work as hard as you can and make sure that you put out the best product. >>at dodge, we feel exactly the same way. >>i've know cenk about 12 or 13 years. it's sort of, i'm there to keep him in check a little bit. >>you are in a fantasy land. because he tends to go "off" as we know in a good way. >>my job is to keep it real. >>and that's what makes cenk cenk. >>watch what he does. he steals the pen all the time. >>i know, every day, i have to get a new pen because he steals them. >>he is a pen thief. >>okay, right, notice no pen right? >>i've got a fresh one. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." let's have fun tonight. let's talk about poor mitt romney and how he's busted again. this time on his blind trust. >> why do you have a swiss bank account? and what do you say to americans who ask about that? >> the money that i have is managed-- >> cenk: all right we'll show you his flip flop on that.
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do you know what i would do if i were obama. this time i'm going to do, if i were romney. how does he get out of this hole? i have some suggestions for him and apparently he needs them. and chris christie may have taken himself off the list of vp. apparently his temper might have gotten the better of him this time around. we'll tell you all about this story. and the boy scouts were hopeful that they would change their policy on gay members. >> i have always loved the boy scouts of america. it is a program that i hold dear to my heart and i hope one day to be able to be back in the program. >> cenk: turns out he won't be. we'll tell you all about it. and is there mormon church connection to the boy scouts? that's interesting. i got news for you. the whole show is really interesting.
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you know what? go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now over the last week mitt romney has been hammered over and over again on issues of taxes bain, outsourcing etc. how in the world is he going to get out of this hole. i've had advice for president obama in the past, and so i thought i would flip it around and do "if i were romney." this is harder because he does not have the truth on his side. he's wrong on most of the issues and he's wrong on most of the lines of attack. but first let's start with the horse. there was a tape on how the romneys had all these horses like ann romney has the dressage
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horse. >> she has a dressage horse. me, i have a missouri tox foughter like a quarterback with a much better gait. it moves very fast and it doesn't tire and it's easy to ride. >> cenk: oh, gee, if you're running for president, here's what the american people do not relate to, dressage horse. they are going to keep talking about that horse over and over owned by ann romney, mitt romney sell the horse, are you crazy? you're running for president and you're going to have a dressage horse in the olympics? you might say that's ridiculous. he can keep any horse he likes. yeah and he can also lose the election. my advise is to get rid of the friggin' dressage horse. now taxes.
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they're using the dressage horse against him on the taxes. watch. >> governor, will you release your income tax record. >> romney: if that's the tradition, i'm not opposed to doing that. i'm mostly going to be asked to do that around the april time period and i'll keep that open. >> when will you realize yours? will you follow your father's example? >> romney: maybe. >> cenk: so far those are terrible answers and now they're using it against him. what about the issues of blind trust. how about this great piece of hypocrisy by mitt romney. this is what he said about blind trust in 1994 and then in 2012. >> blind trust is an age old ruse if you will, you can always tell a blind trust what it can and cannot do.
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you give blind trust rules. >> my investments are not made by me. my investments are a blind trust managed by a trustee. >> cenk: we have an official word for that in the business. it's called oops. the blind trust, now also in in the dressage horse ad. >> why do you have a swiss bank account, and what do you say to americans who ask about that. >> the money i have is managed by a blind trust. i don't manage the money that i have. >> cenk: they're hammering they're killing you. how do you get out of this mess? i call this the scranton and canton strategy. you say, hey i followed the rules. i did nothing wrong. i put my money in the kay monday cayman islands, did i what was legal. but i'm going to go above and
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beyond. i'll take the money out of those places, and i'll put them in scranton pennsylvania and canton ohio. coincidentally happen to be swing states. i'm in scranton and canton now. i'm going above and beyond what i need to do. on the issue of blind trust. right now technically romney is following federal guidelines on blind trust. say, fine, i'll follow the federal regulation of blind trust. he has to. but at least do those things so you can have an argument to make. what are you going to do, keep it in in the cayman islands and bermuda for the rest of the time? you're not going to release your tax returns? that's a terrible strategy. there is one time in the show is that i hope someone is not watching. i hope mitt romney is not watching because this is clearly what he should do and he is not doing it. on the issue of bain, they've
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been hammering him as well. first let's go to what he is saying. >> romney said that he saved bain and company. but on the day he took over he had his predecessor fire hundreds of employees. >> romney said he thought layoffs were good. >> they had to ask the foreman to use the restroom. >> they cut wages. >> we had no insurance. >> we had no rights any more. >> bain capital sought elimination of the pension plan and termination of employee and retiree life insurance and health insurance. >> i was devastated. it makes me angry. >> cenk: man, if i was the romney adviser i might have quit by now. my god they ran ads from 1994 against you on the same issue. how were you not prepared? how did you not change things if you were going to run for office again, which you knew you were going to do, that you would be in better shape.
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that's gross incompetence. it's late in the game, but this is what i would do. i would find some pension fund that bain delivered for and there were investments. i would find the retirees from those pension funds and say look at these average americans that i helped. they can retire early because of the good work of bain. they might be a minority, but hey, give it a shot, divert people's attention. right now you're just getting killed. now the issue of job. this is the is the number one issue on that. >> he said if he couldn't turn the economy around in three years he would be looking at an one-term proposition. his policies have hurt job creation, not helped. people need good jobs you would think that the president would focus all of his energy and passion on helping people get
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jobs. but do you know what he has been doing over the last six months? in the last six months he has held 100 fundraisers. and guess how many meetings he has had with his jobs council none zero. >> cenk: are you kidding me? look the first part about jobs is fine, but you're mr. fundraiser. you just had a fundraiser in baton rouge louisiana, a couple of days ago. that part is not credible at all. people see richie rich. stop talking about fundraisers. it makes people think of you. on the jobs issues, this is where i would pound president obama if i was in his position. i would say he predicted that it would be under 8% years ago and it isn't. i would say just not up to the job. poor obama, i feel bad for him but he's not up for the job. if he didn't create jobs for you, why should he keep his own?
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i would pound that and pound that and until everybody goes, i got it. he wasn't up for the job. then you think, mission accomplished. that's how politician politics work. and by the way no graphic has disturbed me more than this. this is not what i'm all about. now next, a car elevator. it costs $55,000. harrison ford and britney spears has one in their house. get rid of the car elevator. what kind of knuckle head are you. you're running for president. who wants to see him put this in his new mansion after destroying his old mansion to put in a friggin' car elevator. how could he be this dense and run for president. wow, again i hope he wasn't listening. now when we come back another
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loudmouth from new jersey other than me, chris christie, and it looked like it was going to work for him. yeah and then all of a sudden not so much. it might have cost him his chance at a vp. >> some joker taking pictures of me at madison square garden. just write a check and shut up. >> to have numb nuts >>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's. we must save the country. it starts with you. so, you guys grew up together. yes, since third grade... what are you lookin' at? not looking at i anything... we're not good enough for you. must be supermodels? what do you model gloves?
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geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. >>(narrator) the sheriff of wall street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on
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current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching. >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. >> let me tell you you people disappoint me on tuesday. [laughter] you don't do what you're supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney, i will be back jersey style people. i will be back. >> cenk: no, that was chris christie in iowa after endorsing romney. i'm going to come back at you like a mobster. and it was working for him. in fact, he just got the keynote speech at the g.o.p. convention in florida. since he was an early advocate
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for romney, that was working for him. this tough-guy persona was eaten up. spoonfuls, yum, yum. here is a quick explanation from diane sawyer. >> his initials have become a verbal. it's called to be cc'd. >> some joker taking pictures of me at madison square garden. >> just write a check and shut up. >> to have numb nuts. >> yeah numb nuts, shut up, i'm the governor of new jersey or something. that was working well. but it turns out he has gone too far. tmc caught an interaction an altercation more like with a citizen in new jersey on the jersey shore. let's watch that. >> you're a real big shot. you're a real big shot.
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keep walking. keep walking. keep walking. >> mr. governor-- >> cenk: he looks like me from my 20 years ago. come on, tough guy yeah, yeah. after that he broke out with sammy, and sammy said, i'm done with him i'm done. that was ronnie from "jersey shore." after this, it's getting out of hand. people are worried that he might have a temper problem and he might an wildcard. mitt romney does d not l le wildldrdrd blblererptptn, in airplane 54% thought he was a strong leader and only 39% thought he was a bully. now last month 50% to 45% those numbers are closing. people think he's a bully. when asked what words are used to describe chris christie. bully was number one.
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arrogant tough honest, good, aggressive. some good, some bad but, the negative is at the top. he has promised in terms of what he would deliver and hasn't delivered in new jersey. new jersey is unemployment is higher at 9.2%, and it's the fifth worse in the country. some might say that it was out of his control but it was only 19th worse when he came in. under his reign it's been worse. he said, i'll create jobs, but it didn't work. it also created a huge deficit. between $700 million and $2 billion deficit growing in new jersey. why? he gave $1.5 billion in tax breaks to corporations who didn't create jobs in new jersey. you know what i call that? a failure. now i don't know if romney is not going to pick him because of the actual facts which the republicans don't often care
7:18 pm
about, or because of perception. but i do note that the one man who could figure this out is a man who is very very epic. no oh, there he is. >> here i am, all right. >> cenk: i thought we had the animation there. the epic politics man epic. >> cenk. >> cenk: i actually think that he would have been and still could be a good choice for mitt romney. in other reporting he won't be, he's not on the list any more. but if mitt romney is thinking of someone incredibly boring, but he's down. >> here's the thing. this is the problem that you have with chris christie, he's not a conservative. as we've said on the show now for quite awhile he needs someone to go to the conservatives and say he's
7:19 pm
alreadyallright. he's wrong on immigration climate change, wherever you look at a social issue chris christie is to the left of what republicans and conservatives want. it's a very difficult position to put mitt romney. he needs someone who can go to the conservatives and say he's okay. >> cenk: i hear what you're saying. on the war on drugs he came out and said, that's not working. but those are all safe issues to be on the left on. for instance condoleezza rice is pro-choice. eliminate: and the fundraisers you got home depot david koch of the koch brothers, paul singer of the hedge funds-- >> they were his supporters against john corzon of course they're going to go against for anyone
7:20 pm
who is up against jon corzine. to back nut nut who had no excitement without mitt romney who said, this guy is not the right guy does not mean that romney is going to listen to them. >> cenk: here's his other choices. to me, if i were romney, i would say, i got to create excitement on this campaign, and who am i going to do it with, polenti? please polenti? >> yes yes. you're not going to create excitement with polenti. mitt romney may not want to create excitement. he may be the steady as she goes candidate. he wants someone who is like me, conservative, and who can speak to the conservatives in the party for those who doubt me. >> cenk: i want to go to b-11,
7:21 pm
guys. this is about romney's taxes. he came out early in the primary and said, come on, go ahead and release it. bad move. look at this. he's on tape. >> i release my tax returns every year when i file them. if governor romney were to ask me my advice get the stuff out there. even if it's news that people are interested in. if they're interested in your tax returns and you're running for united states or for new jersey, just let people see it. >> cenk: yeah, that would be problematic for the vp, that was a made for commercial and hammers away. that eliminates him right there. >> it does eliminate him in a way. we always hear the double speak and that sort of thing. it doesn't seem to stick to these candidates. the problem with chris christie as governor of new jersey. this governor of new jersey is not cutout for the presidency
7:22 pm
yet. he is not mitt romney's type of guy. he's unruffled gruff he says things like calling people numb nuts. that does not play in the romney house. >> cenk: and i hear that romney is looking for someone he could get along with, and he does not want someone who is as dull as he is. that's why his top two candidates are rob portman and tim polenti. one last thing i'm going to go over the top. if he picks polenti who is apparently is leading if you believe the reporting i think he loses. >> it's not because polenti is a disaster. he's such a flat-out zero he could not possibly shake things up one way or another. it's the mindset playing it too safe and doesn't want to win bad enough. >> i'm glad you said the second part. no one votes for the vice president. but it is the mindset. it just shows what kind of a guy mitt romney. the kind of people--and listen,
7:23 pm
to some people he's going to appeal to some people. but you're right, it's not the mindset of a winner a charge. >> cenk: tim polenti was the v.p. pick, the next day after the election 12% of americans could name him. 88% could not. that's my prediction on polenti. i've always been tough on him and rightfully so. he lasted negative three days in the primaries. literally before the first vote. now when we come back, boy scouts were reconsidering their policy on admitting gay kids into the boy scouts or adults into leadership. which way did they go? >> boy scouts of america are doing what is best for their organization. >> cenk: interesting does the mormon have something to do with that? and comparing them to the girl scouts is amazing. wait until you find out how awesome the girl scouts are.
7:24 pm
it's not just--plus when a little bit later in the show rush limbaugh thinks there is an evil conspiracy in the batman movie to help president obama. >> do you think that it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire-breathing, four-eyed villain in this movie
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trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now boy scouts have had a longstanding policy of banning
7:27 pm
gay kids and adults from the group. they have 1 million adult volunteer leaders and gays are banned from them. they put together a secret committee to reconsider that policy this year. which way did they go? let's find out. >> the organization which currently claims more than 2.8 million members say the announcement is a result of a two-year examination into its membership policy. they said this yesterday. the committees work and conclusion is that this policy reflects the belief and perspectives of the bsa members and they're their members are focused on its mission and serving more youth. >> cenk: in other words, we'll continue to discriminate against gays in america. the supreme court ruled that they could as a private organization to discriminate if they wanted to. then they announceed that they
7:28 pm
were holding a super secret committee, and it voted to keep the ban good for you. when darren smith of boy scouts of america spokesperson was asked about it, he said, this is absolutely the best policy. okay. well, you know, it's interesting because not everybody credits. a couple of ceos on the board disagree with the policy. not only that, when you compare them to the girl scouts it's amazing. i did not know about the girl scouts and i wonder if you know it, when they started they actually would not only brought together some of the richest families in savannah and got their girls but they went to the orphanage and got the girls there and then went to a temple there and got a couple of jewish girls and then they in 1917 they started a latino troop. in the 1940s when we were discriminating against
7:29 pm
japanese-americans and putting them in camps the girl scouts would visit them at the camps. it's an amazing juxtaposition to the boy scouts who all the way in the 1970s finally get around to saying, maybe we should recruit some blacks because we have recruitment problems over all. thank you we appreciate you looking at the inner cities, boy scouts how generous of you. they said back then, i'm puzzled why they released these findings from a clan caldestined panel. and did he not like their conclusion.
7:30 pm
mike, let's talk about how the boy scouts have gotten more religious over time. in 9/5/40% of their funding came from religious organizations. in 2001, it's 62%. in 2011, it's 69%. what is happening with this group? >> well, all they seem to be able to rely on now if they really want to push this anti-gay policy is support from the catholic church and support from the mormon church. the mormon faith require that the boys go into the boy scouts. the mormons are very big in the boy scout and it's a big influence on them as is the catholic church. that's where they get the bulk of this support, and that's where they're really able to push this policy. >> cenk: you know it's interesting. the mormon church apparently sponsors about 23% of all boy scout troops. so that's a really large percentage. we know the mormons were on the
7:31 pm
wrong side of prop 8 they wanted to ban gay marriage, etc. when you have religious institutions like the catholic church and the mormons involved in the boy scouts. they go towards discrimination. when you don't have have them in the girl scouts, they go for inclusion. >> they have been able to accept transgender girls. they're light years ahead in a variety of ways. the boy scouts really is going backwards. this whole announcement was like something out of the 90s you know that we now have gays serving openly in the military. we have the president supporting marriage equality. we have six states with marriage equality. the courts siding with gay rights and then here you have this organization stuck in something 20 years ago. >> cenk: i want to play devil's
7:32 pm
advocate for a second. i want to go to c-9 clip. is there a lawyer in front of the supreme court here's what he said. >> if we no longer in america can discriminate on the basis of what we believe then we're no longer a free people. >> cenk: not so much even devil's advocate. i understand what he's saying. look, you can have a neo-nazi group, a kkk group. i'm not comparing boy scouts to those guys. they're not nearly as bad. but if they have a group who wants to discriminate against gays shouldn't they be able to? >> they have a right. the supreme court upheld it just like the augusta national golf club can exclude women but it does not mean that's what they should do. here is an organization that
7:33 pm
purports to teach dignity and respect and they're teaching kids to bully other kids. we're in an epidemic of losing gay teens because of bullying. they're saying that gays don't measure up and they should not be treated equally. i think they're helping to perpetuate this bullying epidemic with this policy. it's more about the responsibility, not about rights. what is the right thing to do. >> cenk: don't get me wrong. i agree with that. they have the right to do it, but they shouldn't do it. it doesn't make it right to do it. i should also tell the audience in the interest of disclosure, i didn't make it up to boy scout but i was a cub scout and then i was a weblo. another person part of the boy scouts is mitt romney. back in 1994 he was asked about
7:34 pm
this. such a romney line. let me show it to you and then get your reaction. >> i believe that the boy scouts of america does a wonderful service for this country. i support the rights of the boy scouts of america to decide what it wants to do on that issue. i feel that all people should be allowed to participate in boy scouts regardless of their sexual orientation. >> cenk: wait, which one is it? [ chuckling ] >> that was so typical mitt romney. >> cenk: it really is typical. do you think that romney should now be asked about the boy scouts again now that they have come to this decision and he was on their board? >> yes i think he should be asked, but i think he'll give an answer where he flip flops in one answer. especially with his influence in the mormon church. he was a bishop in the mormon church. >> cenk: thanks, mike, i appreciate it. >> thank you. always great to be here. >> cenk: when we come back we've got a couple of stories for you
7:35 pm
guys. among the richest families in the country. they used to have the wealth of 100 million americans combined. now it's even larger. we're going to share the startling facts with you later in the program. >> allegations are that folks all the way up the chain of command all the way to arkansas knew what was going on. >> cenk: oh, yes they're involved in a lot of scandals. we'll look into that family a little bit more. then my favorite story, rush limbaugh believes that the batman creators have a conspiracy to help elect obama. wait until you find out the real facts. >> your punishment must be more severe.
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only on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> what are you? [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> why didn't you just kill me. >> your punishment must be more severe. [laughter] >> cenk: i'm amused by that clip. that's the latest installment of batman movies. and the villain that you saw there is named bane. oh no, that has triggered a conspiracy theory among conservatives, and who better to make a clown of himself explaining it than rush limbaugh. >> the villain in "thethe dark knight rises" is named bane. b-a-n-e. what is the name of the venture capital that romney ran and
7:39 pm
around now this conservative bain. it has been in its works since the summer of 2010. do you think it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire-breather four-eyed villain in this movie is named b bane? >> cenk: i do. [ laughing ] accidental you moron. now where did they come up with bane? did they cook it up? were they in the obama camp in 2012 or so? it turns out the first appearance of bane the character in dc, we found the copy, bad man versus bane. waswhat was the year, what was the year, 2012? no 1993. are you telling me it was the same guys who planted the obama
7:40 pm
birth announcement in the hawaiian newspapers, then we'll go create a character named bane in 1993. if mitt romney ever runs again barack obama and how painfully stupid do you have to be to believe this? but, you can say hey you know what, it's the first time that we see this in a batman movie? but it's not. it's been in another batman movie. but they did it right in the middle of the campaign--no, the character was announced as the main villain in early 2011 when no one had any idea that mitt romney was going to be the candidate, or that it was going to be an issue that he worked at a company called bain capital. come on, man, how stupid are you you? if all that is not enough for
7:41 pm
you we found a copy and it's written by chuck dixon. and we asked him about this theory. he said, quote the idea that there is some kind of liberal agenda behind the use of bane in the new movie is silly. bane was created by me and graham nolan and we are lifelong conservatives. oops rush. do you ever check a fact? do you even bother to look at the news or data? have you ever seen a thing called the truth in your entire life? obviously he blows this one again. you know what, maybe rush was on to something because we found an old tape of mitt romney at bain capital, and it's kind of fishy here the similarities. let's watch. >> our american manufacturers cannot compete with the chinese labor force. >> the profit also rise. >> but china. >> we must not be afraid to
7:42 pm
dream a little bigger. now how is the 2012 campaign coming? >> cenk: there is some chance that wasn't real. okay that was a parody done on youtube nicely done. it was kind of fun. rush, first calling. and who is to say you're a moron. so when we come back, we are going to discuss about how real journalism gets done in this country. and in this case it's done by a student journalist here in l.a. so the l.a.p.d. flips out. how could you do real journalism. you exposed us. you shouldn't have done it. >> if that's not bad enough, both of these creeps also wanted for two other attempted homicides in the city. a very big arrest. a very importanter arrest.
7:43 pm
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: encouragism does not often break out in this country any more, so when it does we usually grab it and show you. we've got such a case here in los angeles. it relates to a shooting happening on april 11th of this year. first, etc. show you a news report on what happened with all the details. >> two students in their 20s were shot multiple times while sitting in a bmw about three-quarters of a mile from campus. >> they tried to get help before collapsing.
7:47 pm
>> she heard it and looked out of the window and she saw someone fall to the ground. she saw someone running. >> cenk: now, two people were arrested. 20-year-old bryan barnes and 19-year-old havier bolden. apparently barnes was allegedly involved in two other shootings in december of last we're and february of this year. people are wondering especially katherine greene, who is journalist who covered this for the usc paper why weren't witnesses talked to. a quote from her story. the witness used a department computer to pull up barnes' facebook page and they said, that's him. that's the guy who shot the people. that happened on february 12th. they said, i can go on facebook for you and point the guy out.
7:48 pm
they did not talk to him and barnes ends up being involved allegedly in another shooting several months later. why didn't they do their job. when she said this, the police in la did not take kindly to it. they lashed out at her. ana has the rest of the story. >> that's what makes the story so unusual. the fact that the lapd and the los angeles police protective league, which is the union of the lapd came down on the student journalist. the piece is very much fair and balanced. i'm not talking about fair and balanced. she spoke to a chief deputy with the police department, a gentleman by the name of pat ganon. here is a direct quote. he said, i wish in hindsight that we had tried those first two cases together, and that we did have barnes and bolden in custody. maybe if that had been the case these two young people from usc
7:49 pm
would never have been killed. but i don't want people to think it's from lack of trying. that's from a chief deputy. but that didn't matter for the los angeles protective league. in their press release here's the response they had to catherine green's article. they said green's reporting fails to consider that a total of 262 people from shot in the department's south bureau in the time period examined. every one of these shootings has to be investigated and obviously the detectives must conduct multiple investigations at the same time. drawing a conclusion on part of the investigations drawn from a search warrant is lazy superficial reporting. >> cenk: well, i happen to disagree with that. and i think i have someone else who does, look, it's catherine green who wrote the story. thank you for joining us.
7:50 pm
i wouldn't like to ask you a couple of questions about. what do you say that it's lazy reporting because you didn't consider the amount of murders they have toking. >> no one likes to read negative things about themselves. especially in the tsa line at the burbank airport. but when i took the time to read it and they didn't point out any factual errors, i felt better with how the story was handled. this is the best thing that can come from a story like this. it shows that we're holding these city services accountable and we're starting a dialogue,. >> cenk: i think that's why they're unaccustomed to it. you wind up having sources and maybe it takes someone to take
7:51 pm
it on. let's get to the heart of it. what does it take to be able to go to facebook and identify barnes. >> when we looked at a search warrant related to the february 12th shooting, we found that a witness in that shooting said on february 13th, the day after the shooting that he could point out barnes on facebook. again, this is based on limited information in the report from the search warrant. but it appears that the detectives did not follow up on that until april 11th, that night after the two students had been killed. >> catherine, what do you have to say about the union basically arguing, look, the lapd has a lot on its plate. they were investigating 262 other shootings at the time. do you give them a pass on that or do you think it's a ridiculous excuse? >> i don't think it's ridiculous. it's incredibly valid, and we
7:52 pm
addressed that. we brought that up in a, quote, witha quotewith officer ganon. >> cenk: i hear you on that. solving all those crimes is hard. but did you sense any well, it's a gang area. what can we do? there is so much crime. i got the sense if we were in beverly hills we would be on it. but here we have so many murders. maybe it's not fair to the citizen there is. did you get a sense from the cops if they implied that or no, that wouldn't be fair. >> that was one of the questions that we raised. that was one of the main concerns that we had. but based on our discussions with the lapd, you know, i never got the sense that they were dismissing these cases. i think they do have to do a kind of triage with these cases and it's not like they sat around and did nothing with the february 12th shooting. they went down a different road. they went after the party promoter who had organized the party where the shooting took
7:53 pm
place in february. i didn't get the sense that they were dismissive of it because it was gang-relate canada all right. thank you for joining us, catherine. we appreciate it. i appreciate that you took a balanced looked a it, and let your readers know what was happening there for better or for worse. >> thank you so much. >> cenk: up next "viewpoint" with eliot spitzer. what do you have for us? >> ben bernanke who is usually understated went to capitol hill and said, we've got a crisis. chris van hollen is going to be here to discuss it with us. plus the report on voter i.d. why it matters. hundreds of thousands of people may be disenfranchised. it's going to be a crisis come november. and finally allegations that the fda is spying on scientists. we'll get two sides from that and we'll hear from the lawyer who hears from the scientist as
7:54 pm
soon asscientist assoon as they are spying on them. i know that story. walmart, how rich are they and
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now the original founder of walmart has passed away, of course, but his heirs are incredibly wealthy. there's nothing wrong with that. but the question is are they working the system and influencing politicians so they can get wealthier while the rest of us see our median income fall. when you look at that you look at the numbers. putting together numbers back for the 2007 year, and it was shocking. they have $73.3 billion among the heirs and there aren't that many of them. that's the equivalent of the bottom 30% of the country.
7:58 pm
almost 100 million people. that's just a few heirs of sam walton equals an entire pollalation. they went back and revisited the 2007 to 2010 numbers. first of all i should let you know our median wage for the average american citizen fell by 38.8%. we fell significantly in that time the recession and all right? what happened to the waltons? they got even richer. now their wealth is up to $89.5 billion. and it's equivalent to the bottom 40% of the country. to give a sense of the scale that is 124 million americans that they have the same amount of money as. how do they do that? how do we get this coming into equality. the children of sam walton have given $200,000 to "restore our future," the mitt romney you had super
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